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Hot Desks

Hot Desks

Hot Desks just like executive suites offer flexible office space to businesspeople on the go. Hot Desks are short-term office sublets housed in larger office buildings. People can rent small desks or furnished cubicles for as much or as little time as they need. Common areas, such as conference and copy rooms, are shared, and services, such as billing and administration, can be ordered as needed.

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Hot desking facilities are available at multiple locations at $50 per day. This includes building access from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday, and printing, photocopying and landline telephone costs. A personal reception cover is also available so if you are expecting any visitors, we will be happy to show them as well as meeting rooms on hourly rate.

Special Offers For Season Workers!

If your most of your business activity applies only at some certain time in certain area, for example tax preparations, or holiday season marketing, special rates and packages are available. Please contact us for more details!

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