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Office Tracer was established in 2012 and totally renewed in December 2014. It's an updated version of the website, based on the latest web technologies, with the support of all desktop and mobile platforms with no applications needed. To search and post new listing now as easy as it can be.
Welcome to Office Tracer 2.0!

For better understanding of how managed office solutions can benefit your business and which will suit your needs it's important to review this page. For free consultation please Contact Us!

Hot Desks are ready to use workstations with no investment needed. Administrative, IT, telecoms set up and ready-to-go. Co-working spaces are very similar to executive suites, except that the tenant does not have a private office. Instead, a dedicated desk is provided within a secure communal area. Co-working spaces tend to suit start-up companies and creative freelancers, as they are usually an affordable and sociable option. Extra space available: full use of meeting rooms, video communications and lounges. Sizes range from 15 to 50 sq. ft. Made for one person..

Virtual Office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space.

About Serviced Offices

A Serviced office is an outsourced solution that bundles all the property services your business needs in a single contract – with a fixed cost and a single contractor to manage and oversee the whole process. Prewired workstations, full administrative, IT and telecom support. Access to all facilities such as meeting rooms, kitchens and mail rooms. Offices usually divided into multiple sections or rooms, with several purposes including executive suite space and different departments sections. Sizes range from 1000 to 5000 sq. ft..

Team Rooms are usually referred to a managed co-working spaces from 250 to 1000 sq. ft.. Always good addition to an executive suites.

Executive suites are the easiest and quickest solution for companies looking to have business premises anywhere in the world. The private offices are pre-cabled and furnished, allowing for immediate occupation with full administrative, IT and telecom support. Tenants benefit from shared facilities, such as meeting rooms and kitchens, a staffed reception and pay-as-you-go services like secretarial support too. The monthly rental fee is a fixed cost that guarantees total cost control for the tenant, while the simple licence agreement avoids expensive solicitor’s fees. Executive suites are suitable for most types of businesses, particularly if the tenant is looking for a commitment of less than five years. In fact, tenants can rent from as little as one month at a time! Sizes range from 120 to 600 sq. ft. Can fit more than one person with the function of formal reception or to be reconfigured for the use of a small team for no more than four people..

Conventional Office

  • On average, businesses must sign a 5-10 year lease agreement on office space with a 3 year break clause. Solicitors fees to approve contract.
  • 6-9 month average set-up time before move-in date, since the beginning of the lease.
  • Fixed amount of office space does not enable companies to expand or reduce the amount of space required.
  • Need to employ staff including receptionist, facilities management.

  • Multiple contracts will be required with third party suppliers to cover IT, Security, Utilities, Catering and Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Substantial set up costs of fit-out and furnishing.

  • Insurance cost. High dilapidation costs at the end of the lease term.

Virtual Office

  • Simple agreements, could be executed online.
    Contracts are so straight forward there is no need to incur any legal fees
  • Customers can have full operational status within a day.
  • No physical space is granted initially, but there are availabilities of using meeting rooms, lounges and other amenities.

  • Just one agreement for all chosen options, all included in one bill.

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We care about your business

We are trying to facilitate relationship between service providers and end client for mutual satisfaction. If you need to find a new a gent at certain area, or switch existing one please contact us. If you are not satisfied with the provided services it is also important to contact us, so we can find another solution and also increase the level of service on the vendor's side.

We constantly moderate advertisements and build close relationship with the service providers and their agents to improve the listings.

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